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Hello and welcome to MoreProxies.com, I hope you enjoy our site and find it meets your needs. Come by anytime for fresh, new proxies.

What do we do? Err... well... we list web proxies, pretty simple really. What do they do? They hide your internet browsing amongst other things, we have a FAQ here with more detailed explanations if you really need to know. For those that are already familiar with the idea then I hope you'll find us a really useful resource in the fight against internet censorship and an aid to surfing safety. Don't forget to bookmark us and share us with your friends and colleagues, there's a Bookmark & Share link above to make it easy for you.

This website is made to help those that need to find anonymous web proxies to surf through. We list hundreds already and more are being added daily. They are grouped into lists so you can search for new, popular, or specific types like Glype or Phproxy depending on your needs and wants. The main homepage lists the latest too so you don't need to look far :)

We have Twitter and Facebook accounts too and all newly added proxies get automatically Tweeted and added to our Facebook wall as well, so you should follow us and add us as a friend to keep up to date, we'll usually follow/friend you back as well, if we can. We now have a Google Group set up so subscribe and we can email new proxies to you every day. If you have a website or blog then we have a proxy list widget that you can put on it for your visitors to see our 50 latest new proxies as well, it's free. Or you can subscribe to our RSS feed. If you're a proxy owner/webmaster then please make yourself a free account and submit your new proxies to us, we have a proxy hungry audience just waiting for more fresh new proxies! We have several hundred (and growing) visitors daily.

You're welcome to look around anytime so make yourself at home and spread the word about us, we're here to help after all, Digg, Tweet, Stumble, Favorite and Like us all you want.

You are, of course, welcome to contact us with suggestions and ideas, or just to tell us how much you like us (or don't). The only thing we don't appreciate is spam, we won't spam you so please don't spam us (Spam = unsolicited commercial emails offering goods or services).

Finally, for those that are interested, there's a support forum for this script. You can find that at NetBuilders.org Proxy List Support Forum.


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